Thursday, 13 August 2009

Higher level: for everyone!

The requirements level of the chilean education -elementary and high school- are very unequal between municipal schools and private or private subsidized school. The children don't have the same oportunities to get knowledge and that keep the social gap.
There is a lot of faults in the programs, a lot of wrong topics, a lot of laziness from the teachers to do better classes.
But, in the private schools, that doesn't happens. There, the children lear to speak english since kindergarden and have teachers who do better classes. That happens because they have more money.
But it couldn't be! The money couldn't make better schools and better students! The chilean education have to have WILL: I mean, will and open minds to find a way to make a better education from the core of the problem.
A higher education level in the municipals schools start from to fix the educational programs and demands better teachers.
Of course is needed a big investment from the goverment, but the news ideas are needed to, to refresh the old ideas about educations. Now, there's a lot of people who are thinking about it and doing greats plans through their organizations, but the politicians have to listen them.
Finally, it's all about will.


  1. I think that in our contry the children are not the first priority, because the teacher don't have a good salary, for me that demostrate a disregard

  2. Yeah! I study in many of schools and the education changes lot...
    we really need a change of switch!

  3. I agree with you , Ursula. You are very pertinent when you talk about the will, I think is the first step to change things. I hate that all depends of money!!!

  4. Hi!
    Yes Ursula, I think u're right! The money can't be the thing that form and transform our education