Thursday, 27 August 2009

Transantiago and me... a story of love and hate

Before the Transantiago, our new transpot system, my life was hard. I live on the outskirts of town, in a place named Nos (San Bernardo), near of Buin. So, I have to travel a couple of hours, or and hour and half, to get everywhere. Since I have memory I have to do it, and with the yellow busses it wasn't different.

Wherever, at first time of Transtgo. I had to take a feeder to San Bdo. center and then, take another main bus. It was an oddity to try to get home late in the evenings, because doesn't exist feeder busses! A lot of times, I almost cry in the stop, waiting for more than an hour.

Fortunately, exist another kind of busses to get to my home, buses that get out of the Gran Santiago and pass near of my home, like El Rulo bus, Santa Inés bus, or my favourite, the Buin Maipo, the bus that I take in the mornings.

However, I miss the big yellow bus Nos Independencia where I learned to go in busses when I was a little girl...

Well, now, I have to recognize the things have improved. I can take a bus from Macul subway directly to my home! Of course still being very slow and tiring.

This story couldn’t be very important, but when you multiply it for thousand and thousand, you can understand the mess that the city was when someone thinks to change the transport system from a day to another.

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  1. Ur su la!
    You don't know how I understand you. Before Tran Santiago, a lot of people had important problems to arrive at home. With Tran Santiago a lot of them have better and more direct rutes, but at the same time,we have less busses.

    See you !