Thursday, 5 November 2009

What about new challenges?: Technology

When we talk about new challenges in arts areas, we can find a lot of topics.
For examples, like an Art Historian, our work is not only in a room with books. We need to go outside and to be connected with persons around the world to share investigations, information, studies, and ideas. So, we have to use internet and all their tools and social net. To know found the needed information in the unapproachable quantity of content there is in the net. Know how to be online with the new publication through the world.
In another way, we can use the internet tools to publish our own works and to make nets with other people around the same study topic.
If we are interested in the documentation area we have to know to manage a lot of computational programs a museum net, like SurDoc here in Chile. So, the internet it's our best friend nowadays.
We have to up to date our dark and old museums. And that work is not only for the technology implementation, it's also related with the audience and the education. Update the museums includes update the way the people feels inside the museums. If we can change that feeling and make more empathic and attractive the old museums, we can to bring new audience interested in the museums topics. The museum couldn't be only a place with things hanged in the walls, the museum has to be a place where to learn new things and discover worlds. A place with libraries, a place connected with the world and other similar institutions, a place that gives information, not keep information.
Here there are two different, but linked, areas: one, the technology, the other, the social. In both is necessary a change in our museums, specially the religious and colonial museum. That is the darker and boring ones, when it has wonderful collections of art and history. To refresh them it's needed an investment of money and ideas.
If we see for a minute the European examples we can find a lot of inspirations. But, we need to Chilean ideas for a Chilean audience. In technology, of course we have to use the same tool, but always is important the Chilean ingredient.

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