Sunday, 31 May 2009

My best sister

I’m really a solitary person. I have good partners in the university, in the job, in the poetry world but I don’t have a best friend like the word means. Since I have memory I have been like that. I prefer to spend my time doing things alone, like reading, writing, kniting, thinking. I have a really good relationship with my family, mother and brothers, and with my boyfriend, so my social life is whith them. Maybe, in a special way, my best friend has been my sister Bárbara (althoug she’s six years under me) because we share our musical likes, art likes, etc. But now she lives in Buenos Aires and I miss her a lot!
The past year cames to Chile one of my favorite groups, Interpol, and she were in Argentina so I went alone to the concert and it was really sad because I screamed with my self...
Together we went to concerts, disco, expositions or only to walk and talk about life. Sometimes we watched musical videos on the web, or dog’s photos to laugh, because we love dogs. Both we have dogs, females, Miel and Limón (Miel is mine and Limón is her) and now I have to care both.
Now I really have less free time than other years so I spend my time in work or studiying. But I still miss her.

Friday, 15 May 2009

Youtube and the images world

I spend a lot of time surfing by the internet in my free time. Of course I use the email pages, like Yahoo or Gmail, and social pages, like Facebook or Flickr. I don’t used to visit news web pages.
One of my favourite web pages is Youtube. You can find anything in Youtube, I really mean it. But I don’t visit it to find anything, I visit it to watch musical videos and concerts of my favourite bands and to know new bands. I can find it there, for example, the last live concert in Berlin of Franz Ferdinand recording by a spectator, that maybe it haven’t the best resolution but I can know how it’s their actual show almost in real time. Or I can watch The Killers’s presentation on a England tv, american tv, etc.
In Youtube I can find officials an unofficials videos. That’s the more important character. And know, the videos are in HD!
Another thing that I do in this webpage is watch cultural and art videos from people from another countries, and the best, talk to they through the commentaries or messages (when you have an account) and share ideas.
I recommend you to visit slowly Youtube and find a lot of new worlds.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009


Hello partners! The second photo is my favourite piece of technology in the whole world, my old fashioned mp3. Whatever, I love it so much because it's my unique company in my daily bus travel. I need the music in my life, like I need to sleep, so my old mp3 gives to me that and it make me feel better when I'm tired or when I'm sad (on a cloudy winters day).
If one morning I forget my mp3 in house, it's a disaster... I thought "What I'll do in my large travel???" It's very sad to be without music in this life...
I can't imagine my life without an mp3. Just this.
I can’t' stand the cell phone music louder!!!! Only reggaeton!!! My goodness!!!
The first picture is the mp3 that I wish to have one day. That beautiful Hello Kitty mp3 it's so cute! Just for a girl like me.
Maybe this isn’t my smart post.