Monday, 27 April 2009

Cultural heritage: the past in the present

When I choosed this career I only thought about fine arts and beauty, but I wasn't sure what I'll find in the school. First, like a lot of people here, I was disappointed because I didn't found any sense to the career, I mean, there isnt't nothing clear to do in the future with this studies. But, after four years freezing I returned with new energy.
I began to understand what usefull it is, the career, to develop works around the Cultural Heritage, one of the things that I most love in the world. This year I've known a lot of amazing people who studied here and now they works in museums and intitutions heritages. It is so fundamental in the cultural develop of a country to protect professionally it heritage, and that I want to help to do.
The documentation area it's very entertaining. To know about international treatments, computational programs to document, etc. are a essentials tools in this area. Also the art history knowledge is needed to recognize the pieces and understand it value.
Every day I'm more enthusiastic with this career and the area I've choosed. I want to investigate and cooperate about chilean cultural heritage.
It is a way to do something real with the career.

Monday, 20 April 2009

In the end of the world

The most amazing place I've know in Chile (wherever, I've never went out of the country) is in the most austral part, Punta Arenas city. I've went there two times, the first time in 2005 and then in 2007, because the Literature Fair, that I was invited to read and present my second book.

Punta Arenas is quiet, mysterious, mystic. The constantly cold wind, I mean very very cold wind, scratch you skin like sandpaper. Sometime it is so strong that you can't walk. But the wind has a special energy that I love and I miss here in Santiago.

The quiet and freeze water from the Estrecho de Magallanes is like a big lake but it's the sea. The sunsets watching the water and the eternal sun of the South Pole are spectacular.

The two times I travelled in spring time, maybe the most sad spring time in the world, because actually it doesn't exist.

This year I'm invited again to go to the Fair in winter, just in Winter Carnival time. I'm not sure if I'll go, because I can't left my work and the university. I would like to go so much. So much.

Monday, 13 April 2009

To do something good with the internet...

Hi partners and teacher! Welcome to my blog. I have blogging by five or six years, so I know how fun it is. I have my own blog and through the years I've harvested a lot of readers around the world. I love to write!
I've published two poetry books and I'm constantly writing critics in many electronic magazines about literature, arts and more.
So this is the english version of my work!