Thursday, 1 October 2009

What about Chilean and more...

What makes us chilean? Only to born in a specific country?
Well, to discuss about our identity is a big problem and a big common place in this days because the near bicentenary celebration. A lot of books have been published, where to investigate the possible forms of chilean identity is the principal concern.
We can list a big number of common features trying to explain how the chileans are chileans, but nowadays its result a boring work. When you have had the opportunity to travel through Chile you can see chilean are very different between them, in each part of that long country.
I think that we know as chilean identity is more than everything, a construction. Could it be inspired by real and historical roots, but when it comes a plural identity is because something is force it to be a construction.
The chilean identity cans talks in ignored behaviours, through the complicated ways of to be. The chilean identity is not the identity of all chilean people, otherwise, exist diverse shared habits, ideas, histories, places, past, etc. Those things make us similar.
We have to rescue those different shared things, our ways to see and to comprehend it, to can talk about our common patrimony.
The things that we have inherited and the things that we have created and we create every day.
That idea could be applied to every countries, more than ever today when the globalization phenomenon is inside our houses. Latin America is not a big country, is a big place with different people, who are living different events. Events that every day change us.


  1. Yes we're all different, and, even then, we must have more respect by our past culture, in spite of all negative characteristics. We have a very poor memory, and we can find interesting things in our past.

    I agree with that point.

  2. Hi Ursula... Is true that we have a lot of diversity in Chile, from the landscape to the people, but we don't see it. Is easier to put all people in the same bag that attend to particular interests and necesities.

    SEE YOU :)

  3. I also think that our identity is a construction, and that we're very differents... that is good... isn't?

  4. I'm agree with you. But when I travelled to Europe this summer I realised that Chilean Freshness (the freshness of a young country who doesn't know yet who it is) has a beautiful side...

  5. We still have a long way to go in constructin "our" identity
    The nicest thing, I think, of being still in our "nappies" is that we can still get away with a lot of silly things, this has a negative side, too. And talking of space, God Latin America is Vast compared to Europe.