Thursday, 29 October 2009

Weak mind, strong madness

The sects have been in the humanity history always. Since the Akhenaton schism or the biblical golden calf, the groups against the rules has wanted to break the religions foundations and to do something better.
The messiah image, one person, the chosen one, the unique, is the principal reason of the religions and the sects. The sects take that image and use it to structure their ideals. That messiah is embodying in a person who knows the true and brings the salvation.
Apocalypse is always closer for the sects. And only the chosen ones, the sect’s members, can be saved.
The strong characters of the principal religions are modified to the sects ideals, by the brains of it, and are mixed with another topics like ancient magic, racism, divine justice because injustice, etc. But there are two parts of the sects: the creator or creators, the brains, and the members, the wools. Who create a sects it's always a person very smart, with a supreme intelligence, and big psychiatric problems. The followers, instead, are very shy people, psychologically weak, who need to believe in someone or something stronger than they.
The Nazism is considered a kind of sect. And if you watch the documentary of Leni Riefenstahl you can see the mysticism of the Nazism, like a big sect. The extermination of a danger is the principal point of sects like that.
There are other smaller sects like Charles Manson's Family. With a similar speech about apocalypse and racism and murders, that sect had today hundred of followers who continued to inspiring in the Manson's words.
It's a very complicated phenomenon to understand when you have your mind well.

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